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iRepair 1.0.6
Universal Binary
Fast, secure and freeware


iRepair 1.0.6 can help you change permission of your files and folders. Just select a file or an entire folder, eventually with all its content, choose your settings and apply. Repair broken permission, share data between users, perform administration tasks. Easy. Secure. Freeware.


iRepair is freeware. You can use it for any purpose with no limitations, but if you really like this software you can help me and donate via paypal. Your support is very much appreciated!


Select some file or your folder (Control+1). Choose values for ownership and permission (Control+2) and then Apply (Control+3). Your files will be changed via Security Framework.


MIND!! This application could change ownership or permission of files that is not a good idea to change! Please, be sure to know what you are doing while using. By usign this software, you agree to use it at your own risk.

System Requirements

Leopard Ready! iRepair works on Mac OS X version 10.3 or later.
Made with Cocoa and XCode.


Coding, design and localizations by Alessandro Zanzani.
Icon taken from a collection and re-arranged. If you have rights or know who have about this set of icons, please let me know.


Universal Binary
(run natively on both PPC and Intel)

Security Framework from Apple
(password authentication)


11/12/2007 - Leopard Ready
01/02/2006 - First official release
12/12/2005 - Security framework authorization
15/08/2004 - Applescript version released
10/10/2003 - Script version released

Made with Cocoa

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